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About Everything Is Scary

Everything Is Scary is dedicated to horror in culture,  both inside and outside of the genre. By examining books, TV, film, video games, Internet culture, the news, and real life, Everything Is Scary aims to help readers contemplate the terror that surrounds us, the nature of fear, and most importantly, the infinite void that will one day devour us all.

About The Writers

Peter Counter

Peter is a technology and culture writer based in Halifax. When not being responsible and contemplating the void, he writes about TV and video games for Dork Shelf and manages two online tech trade publications. Peter is also the author of plays.

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Tim Ford

Tim is a part-time writer, most-time office worker from Calgary, AB, Canada.  His stories have appeared in several publications including Crossed Genres Magazine, Neo-Opsis Magazine and most recently in EDGE Sci-fi's Shanghai Steam Anthology.  As a playwright he has had work produced by indie theatre companies Sage Theatre and Mob Hit Productions.  He also volunteers as a slush reader at Crossed Genres Magazine and at AE Sci-Fi.  Tim keeps an occasional blog at thecanerdian.ca.

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Leslie Hatton

Leslie has been both titillated and terrified by horror since she watched a television production of Count Dracula back when she was an impressionable kid. She currently  contributes to Biff Bam Pop, Diabolique Magazine,  Rue Morgue  and more.

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If you would like to contact Everything Is Scary send an email to ContemplateTheVoid@gmail.com.

Darkness follows.